Cover Art


I design this book cover by converting a basic clipart image into an editable vector graphic and reshaping the elements to convey the humor of the stories. I also manipulated the text to follow the shape of the turban. The spine is a traditional Mughal pattern from a public domain image.

Asha Birbal Cover.jpg

Cover Art

The Alchemist

I created this simple illustration using GravitDesigner, a great freeware alternative to Illustrator. I got used to this amazingly intuitive and powerful software before deciding to invest in Adobe products.

The day and night imagery represent Santiago's dreams.

Asha Alchemist Cover.jpg

Outdoor Poster

Lyric Theatre

This theatre company specializes in English language operetta, a genre unique in its combination of classical musical forms and satire.

To convey the comedic, classical-meets-contemporary tone as well as production quality, I used a golden hue and filters on a photograph from one of Lyric Theatre's productions. The main font is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style.

Lyric Theatre Bus Shelter Poster.png

Shopping Bag


This imaginary brand is upscale yet earthy. It was inspired by the sage plants my mother has grown from seed. That something so simple could have such a rich aroma and luxurious texture reminded me of the minimalist luxe homes I'd seen in decor magazines.

I selected, cut, and arranged a few leaves on a piece of paper and snapped the photo that appears on the bag.

Sage Bag 2.png


Classic Blendz

This another imaginary brand. I thought it would be fun to juxtapose heroines from pre-Raphaelite paintings with a whimsical, post-modern aesthetic.

This one took a bit of Photoshop tweaking to make it look as though the two figures were in the same world, including the eyes (left) and hands (right).

Asha Coffee Package Design.png