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Like many non-profit performing arts organizations, Lyric Theatre is struggling. Engagement has been on the decline for over a decade, and audiences - mostly the elderly - are dwindling.

I volunteered to help Lyric Theatre attract new members, audiences, and artists through a variety of initiatives: a website redesign, visual assets for marketing materials, and consulting on messaging and outreach. I am currently leading a task force to rewrite the company's Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process to ensure participants feel comfortable and safe when working with Lyric Theatre. I am also recruiting community members for a Diversity and Inclusion committee to grow Lyric Theatre's community and talent pool and establish guidelines to ensure Lyric productions are culturally relevant and respectful.

In early 2019 I had the privilege of performing in a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operetta "The Gondoliers" at the Lyric Theatre of San Jose. As a singer, it was a priceless learning experience--and I didn't have to pay a dime to participate! In fact, I was surprised by the superior production quality: sumptuous costumes (Lyric often lends pieces to other local theatres), a live orchestra for every production, and a musical director who served as an unofficial vocal coach and was generous in coming to rehearsal early to help singers with tricky harmonies and arias.

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